HDR Photography

Very Blue

For my first time doing HDR I think it came okay. I would love to take a picture of a different landscape. I think if I were to do another HDR photo It would come out better.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. In photography HDR describes a type of photo that captures a dynamic range that cannot be achieved in one photo. HDR is used to capture the full dynamic range of images, by bringing different exposures together.



Portraits with Studio Strobes

There are two categories of light sources. The most common light modifiers are umbrellas and soft boxes. There are silver lined, and gold tinted umbrellas. silver lined are more efficient and focus light more. Gold produces a warm tone. With soft boxes the light is more contained. Other tools that can conrol and modify the light are ban doors, snoots, and honeycomb grids.

Cindy Sherman

My opinion on Cindy Shermans work is that it’s very good and she puts in a lot of time and hard work into her photos. I think she was able to get famous from her work because of her makeup and costume skills.

Jpeg vs. Raw

  1. Explain the main difference between raw and jpeg file. The main differences are their size, image quality, editing, sharing, and speed.
  2. Which file is bigger RAW or Jpeg? RAW file is much bigger than a Jpeg.
  3.  Can you change a Raw file to a Jpeg, once your photos are the computer? How?  Yes, you can you need to process and convert the RAW into a Jpeg before you can edit.
  4. If you were shooting an important event, would you shoot it RAW or Jpeg? Explain. If were shooting an important event, I’d shoot it in Jpeg because shooting in RAW has a lot of risks. Jpeg would be easier to work with.